The Three Ds of Product Drops

Ask any CS leader or practitioner in software about releases and you will probably get an eye roll or a groan. The history of software development is littered with new feature and products that launched at random times without supporting teams being enabled…or even informed !

In order to drive more alignment with Product a few jobs ago, I devised a three part template to ensure that the CS team had everything to support and promote a new feature or product. Over time I have refined it (and provided much needed alliteration!). You can find and grab this template below,

Description – telling us about the feature

  • What is the change?
  • What will customers see/experience?
  • Please share a demo if you can.
  • Please grant CS a test account if you can.

Documentation – where can we get more information about his this new widget works?

  • Is there internal documentation?
  • Is there customer documentation?

Debt – what work (if any) is outstanding on this feature or product?

  • Are there any known OR outstanding issues?
  • Where/how should we file outstanding issues?

What does your CS team use to make sure they have everything the need ahead of a launch?

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