Gratitude: Late Fall 2022

Cannupa Hanska Luger

I don’t remember how I first came across Cannupa Hanska Luger and his thrilling art, but I am glad that I did. His work is energizing and thought provoking and deep and fun. The textile pieces bring to mind the ever-inspiring work of (my other fave!) Nick Cave.

Bad Sex by Nona Willis Aronowitz

Bad Sex is an illuminating jaunt through the history of the last few centuries of womens’ movements and their often-fraught relationships to sex, sexuality, desire, and pleasure. It’s a well-crafted and researched piece that is tied together by and viewed through the lens of Willis Aronowitz’s life, sexual escapades, and engagement with her own mother’s life and writing. Lots of great food for thought!

The Bear

I know I’m late to the party on this one, but I’m really enjoying this show. I am a sucker for exploring how people get shit done together, especially under pressure ( probably why I love/hate working at startups). I was on the fence, but there was a conversation between Carmy and Sydney in episode 3 that just totally hooked me in.

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