The Many Moves of a Manager

Dear Reader, I certainly don’t need to tell you the myriad ways this pandemic has rocked the foundations of all the things. I don’t need to tell you how it has changed school and work and families. You’ve read all the articles about it. However, something I have not heard as much mention about overContinue reading “The Many Moves of a Manager”

Old Customer Care Lady Sayings

As a leader in customer care, over the years I have developed a few sayings that I believe have held me in good stead. Camille’s Top Three Customer Care Sayings #1: No Special Snowflakes This means that –as much as possible — we want to avoid having to support custom features, special builds, weird bespokeContinue reading “Old Customer Care Lady Sayings”

Reducing Information Asymmetry in Customer Care

As a customer care person, you are placed at an important vantage point between the company and the customer. You (should) have visibility into the product and people in your company beyond what your customers currently knows/can see. You are there to solve problems for the customer using both information that may already be publiclyContinue reading “Reducing Information Asymmetry in Customer Care”

My 3 Favorite Tools (Right Now) for Working With My Geographically-Distributed Team

I recently started a new job where I am working from home with a team spread across Europe and the US. Some of the team is working from home because they always do, others are working from home due to the pandemic, but yet others are actually working as per normal from our company’s headquarters.Continue reading “My 3 Favorite Tools (Right Now) for Working With My Geographically-Distributed Team”

May 2020 Lead Dev AMA

In case you missed it, here is everything I said in my Lead Dev AMA the other day I had a few questions that would be great to get your thoughts on. You mentioned that ‘Some hands support’ can work well at big and small organisations. Are there any specific use cases where you’ve seenContinue reading “May 2020 Lead Dev AMA”

Making Them Pay: Tales from the Immutable Stack

This is pretty much the entire text from the talk I delivered at Paymentsfn 2018 on May 24, 2018 in Durham, North Carolina. In his story The Mystery of Marie Rogêt, Edgar Allan Poe wrote “Experience has shown, and a true philosophy will always show, that a vast, perhaps the larger, portion of truth arisesContinue reading “Making Them Pay: Tales from the Immutable Stack”

Some More Hands on Support

I am speaking about engineering – support collaboration this week at The Lead Developer conference. If the topic interests you and you wanna dig in further, here are a few handy links.  (at Clubhouse) Eyes Wide Widened: My ‘Evolving View’ of Developers on Support (at FullStory) How to avoid empathy fatigue on your support team (atContinue reading “Some More Hands on Support”