Gratitude August 2022

Speaking Brazilian

I have been studying Brazilian Portuguese for over 2.5 years now, but until a few months ago I was mostly using apps and self-study via conversations, podcasts, and a few movies. I discovered Virginia Langhammer while cruising YouTube and appreciated all the free instruction and materials she was offering for beginners; so I finally decided to sign up for her Speaking Brazilian course.

It has been a WONDERFUL experience. The materials on the online portal were really rich and the teacher (Gleice) was lovely. If you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese and are committed to putting in the time, Virginia and her team will 100% teach you. I am looking forward to continuing to learn with them. Obrigada!!

Virgil Abloh at Brooklyn Museum

Virgil Abloh was a visionary Ghanaian-American fashion designer, architect, and graphic designer who tragically left this plain far too soon. Brooklyn Museum has mounted a big retrospective of his work and it was fascinating to browse the racks of his innovative clothes and stand in a large wooden structure he’d created. His work provided engaging commentary on capitalism and category. This exhibit was a great way to connect with a talent who was taken from us far too soon.

Jack White’s Albums

While we were all doing whatever we consider to be our version of “productive” over the past year, Jack White was out recording and dropping not one but TWO albums in one year (in addition to being a dad and a husband and running a record label and keeping his hair immaculately blue).

A Portrait of Sama’ Abuldhadi

I learned about Sama via the Boiler Room documentary Palestine Underground about the fearless dance music DJs and promoters in Palestine. She is a badass DJ who has been arrested several times all in the pursuit of throwing good parties for people on either side of the wall. Boiler Room recently produced this fantastic portrait of her.

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