Gratitude May 2022

I don’t think I have done one of these in a while. Long overdue!

Marc Rebillet with Reggie Watts & (THE QUEEN) Erykah Badu

Every once in a while the algo gods smile on you and deliver something to you that you would’ve never found yourself. I had no idea who Marc Rebillet was a week or so ago, but now I am a fan. Anyone who can hang with such royalty is a person after my own heart. The conversation is great, the music is EPIC. I can’t stop watching this.

Music is Mine by Arts for Art

Another reason why I love NYC is because amazing world-renowned artists like William Parker will give their time to teach kids free jazz every week on the Lower East Side. My kid had an amazing experience. Please donate to Art For Arts and attend their Vision Festival if you can!

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong

I was avoiding reading this book because I knew it’d rip me open. I did and it did. It was heartbreaking and beautiful. It reminded me most of Saeed Jones’s How We Fight For Our Lives and Danielle Henderson’s The Ugly Cry. I am struck on this day how little we care about most children in this country — shit this world — and how often it is by sheer luck that they grow up and have a language to tell their story, a lens to look at it through rather than simply living in it like a too tight coat they can’t remove. The world doesn’t deserve their stories. The world too often uses them to prove itself right again. “See? *He* made it.” We should probably just whisper these to each other. Move ourselves closer to be in earshot. The world can keep its paper and ink.

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