Weird Travel Essentials

Now that the world is a bit more open, I am getting my wings back and trying to figure out how to pack to go places again. I’ve taken a few trips over the last few months and realized I have a few things I always have to take to make myself comfortable in a hotel environment. Here they are:

Alarm Clock

My beloved Sony Dream Machine

I am a big fan of alarm clocks in general. I once actually went to a store and bought the last 2 Sony Dream Machine ICF C-218 alarm clock radios when I found out the entire line was being discontinued. I wanted to have a few for when the current one eventually died. However, instead of traveling with the Dream Machine, I bought a lighter, smaller alarm clock radio to travel with. Bringing my own alarm clock not only allows me to see the time from the angle I wish in a hotel room (some hotel rooms have alarm clocks but they are usually bedside. I prefer to have them at the foot of the bed) , but it also illuminates what can otherwise be a very dark hotel room while avoiding turning on a bright light or looking at a phone and making it hard to get back to sleep.

When I wake up in an unfamiliar environment it is helpful to orient myself by seeing the time and a bit of my surroundings.

Empty Water Bottle

I have this water bottle and a ton more. The joy of getting thrown a buncha swag from tech companies.

Why don’t hotels have water fountains? I note that many hotels are now giving endless little plastic water bottles, but that feels so wasteful to me, so when I find a place with drinkable water I try to fill up my own reusable bottle and keep it in my hotel room. The worst feeling is waking up in the middle of the night in a hot, dry hotel room gasping for water and having none. In a pinch I will buy a large water bottle somewhere but I hate having to.

Slippers and a warm hoodie

As mentioned above, hotel room temperature can be very unpredictable. I feel like it’s always either too hot or too cold. For that reason, I always bring slippers to fend off cold floors and a hoodie to layer on top of my pajamas* at night. Nicer hotels sometimes have slippers and in a pinch I’ve also put the complementary bathrobe over myself to keep myself warmer in bed, but I try to come prepared.

What about you? What are your business travel must-haves? What do you think I might want to try?

*Yes, I wear pajamas. You should too. People that don’t wear pajamas are living under a regime of freedom that is unfamiliar to me.

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