The Many Moves of a Manager

Dear Reader,

I certainly don’t need to tell you the myriad ways this pandemic has rocked the foundations of all the things. I don’t need to tell you how it has changed school and work and families. You’ve read all the articles about it. However, something I have not heard as much mention about over these lo’ many years is a certain something I have been facing on my team — so many people are moving.

Reader, I completely understand the need to move. I live in a small, New York apartment, and — to my recollection — I never signed ANY agreement with my past or current employer renting this small corner — from which I write to you now — out to any of them. No, Reader, these corporations just moved right in under threat of stripping me of my livelihood. I had no choice but to step aside and let them in to stay. Put in similar situations, nearly EVERYONE I work with has either moved to larger spaces or undergone significant work on their existing spaces. While I am happy for them — if not a little envious — you can imagine how disruptive this has been.

With the belief that I am maybe not the only team manager who is going through this sort of thing, I thought I’d write more in hopes it might help someone else.

Help! Everyone In My Team Is Moving At Once!

To be honest, I am part of the problem. I moved as well — twice, in fact — first to a larger place and then back here to my little corner. So being as I know the situation from both sides, I am well-positioned to provide a few tips. Here are my suggestions for what your move should be when everyone is moving.

Proactive Communication

As soon as the teammate informs you of the impending move, let them know that they should be sure to update their calendar and make sure any team members or other staff that regular work with them know this is going on. From what I understand, there are many moving pieces in purchasing a house. The team member certainly doesn’t have to take us through every twist and turn. Just let us know when they will be away from keyboard, so we can ensure coverage.

Encourage Vacation

If the team member finally settles on a date to move, recommend they take the time off with padding on either side.The best-laid plans can go awry leaving you without a desk or a door handle or working wifi in the new place. A smart move is to give themselves some buffer. Even if they don’t have unlimited vacation, still encourage them to pad a bit

Jubilant Celebration

Considering how frustrating moving and remodels are we should celebrate any time anyone makes it through one in tact. Encourage the team member to share the good news or even take the team on a virtual tour! Consider sending the person a small house warming gift or gift card from you or on behalf of the time.

Reminders of Obligation

Make sure the team member knows they still have a job to do. Housework is never done, but it can only infringe on work hours for so long. If the person gets into months of house-related interruptions, it may be time to have a serious conversation about helping them find an alternative space to work from until the situation is rectified. No one wants a new home to become a new pain in the neck.

What about you? Are you experiencing lots of moves? How are you handling it?

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