Gratitude: February 2017

Wow, this month blew by lightning FAST!  Before the month is out, I wanted to make sure I took a second to express gratitude for a few things that moved me this month.


Were she still alive, the great black queer activist, theorist and poet Audre Lorde would’ve turned 83 on February 18th. I am grateful for her life and her work and her demonstration of courage. It is a beacon to me in so many things personal professional. A true hero.


I recently stumbled across Omari Mizrahi’s Instagram account (via Trace Lysette’s fabulous IG) and was immediately  taken in by all the fabulous Vogue dancing videos up there. I LOVE to dance and feel like I am my most relaxed and joyous when I am on the dance floor.  I am especially  inspired by watching and learning from truly great and expressive. Dance is art is breath is sustenance is survival. YAAAAASSSS! I need to go take a class with him one day!


I am so impressed by how mobilized so many new people are getting to finally resist the boot of the government. I was particularly moved by this woman in Tennessee challenging her congressperson about healthcare expansion. People are really learning and getting out of their comfort zones and being civically engaged. We are in exciting times indeed!

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