Recent Thoughts and Reads

How’d it get to be February already? Geez.

Things are good around these parts. I’ve been working and reading a little and hanging with my guys and skipping through snowflakes. Oh winter! Here are some things I’ve been thinking about.

I just caught this great discussion on NPR’s On Being with physicist Brian Greene. He’s a spirited guy and I especially like how they touch upon the popular approaches to getting more young people into STEM seem to be borne out of fear of America “falling behind” rather than a sense of the importance and pure joy of scientific pursuits.

Slightly dated (2011) but still informative (especially in light of recent discussions of data breaches and public cloud) breakdown of various cloud technologies from Simon Wardley’s dense and educational blog.

Cleaning out my inbox, I stumbled across a link to  Gunnar Hellekson’s New to Open Source Reading List that I’d sent to myself three weeks before I gave birth. I somehow thought (hoped?) I’d be able to get some reading done during maternity leave. Well it’s a week before my kid’s first birthday and I am just getting around to giving it a second glance. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

The Center for the Public Domain put out a list of books that could have gone into the public domain this year were it not for the 1976 Copyrightwrong Act.

Finally, for those of you who are still scratching your head about what we actually do at Boundless, here is a really informative writeup of one of our biggest current projects, the ROGUE project for the US Army. It is a distributed system for gathering, updating and sharing geospatial data from terrain to desktop.

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