A Few Links to Stuff I’d Talk to You About If We Were Together Somewhere

As mentioned a few months back, I was a proud backer of Kathryn Rotondo’s Motherboard Podcast where she interviews mothers working in tech. So I’m excited to announce that she has debuted her first episode. It’s an interview with Red Hat’s ever-brilliant and you can check it out here. –  Listen, subscribe, promote, support!

Fast Company’s list of 6 Ways to Scare Technical Women Away From Your Company

Professor, MSNBC host and fairy nerdmother, Melissa Harris Perry recently spoke to Think Progress on the state of motherhood in America and her great ten point program for improving it.

I get the daily newsletter from Red Hat’s Opensource.com, and it’s always chock full of useful information especially for the open source newbie. I am ever-intrigued by the growth in Linux use and the meteoric rise of Red Hat, so I really enjoyed this piece called “Three Moments  That Moved Linux Forward“.

Let’s hang out soon, OK?

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