Why Government Technology Procurement Sucks…And How It Can Stop Sucking

“Startups may have great ideas and great technology, but they’re not necessarily built to make it through the procurement process.”

 Instead, the procurement system often favors large, entrenched vendors. As a result, government may be missing some of the most innovative solutions. 
I’m in Sales here at my company and a big part of my job is dealing with government procurement, from tiny counties to large federal agencies and the process is almost always long, convoluted and unpleasant so it was with much glee that I read this Government Technology article that gives good background on the origin of these policies and processes, a breakdown of many of the ways the system is broken and good ideas from how it can be improved. It sounds dry and dull but it goes to the heart of why so many large corporations wield so much power over the government….well that and rampant corruption.

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