2021 Brain Picking Bank

Well, I have reached the point in my career where people reach out to me rather frequently to “pick my brain” about various things, particularly business or product ideas. After griping about this a bit on LinkedIn, I got brilliant pieces of wisdom from two brilliant people in particular (Liz Fong-Jones and Nikki Yeager):

  • Liz shared that she schedules a set amount of time per week for brain pickers so that she doesn’t give away more than she can manage.
  • Nikki shared this great blog post which has some great ideas for how to deflect meetings and/or filter out people who aren’t focused.

I have decided that I will try to cap brain picking at 5 hours a month and I will use this blogpost to track how it goes this year. Wish me luck!


What counts as brain picking?
Any stranger or person I don’t know very well reaching out to ask me for my opinion or input on an idea. It can also include friends or family if the primary purpose of wanting to chat is to get my opinion or input on an idea. It does not include work people, because I am obliged by money to let them pick my brain.

Will you share details about the content of the brain picking sessions here?
Unless the person explicitly requests that I do, no I will just share the date and time expended.

Why five hours?
It is a totally arbitrary number.

Can I pick your brain?
Maaaybe… First answer the following:
[ ] Do you have specific questions?
[ ] Do you know what your specific questions are?
[ ] Is it less than 3 questions?
[ ] Do my answers need to be delivered synchronously?
If your answers to everything above was YES, contact me and we’ll see.

Brain Picking 2021 Log

8 January 2021 – 30 mins
17 March 2021 – 30 mins

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