Talk the Talk

This year I’m making a greater effort to try and speak at conferences. It appears to me that it is one of the popular paths towards tech stardom (for better or worse).

Here are topics that I am (currently) interested in talking about in a conference format:

– Graceful Exits (see blogpost on this topic here)
– Customer Success and Product Feedback (recent posts here and here)
– Coop Building and Tech Challenges (I’m planning on pulling together a blogpost or a talk proposal about the housing and food coops I’ve been involved with over the past near 20 years and the messy story of building, maintaining, and phasing out homebrewed software. Contact me if you’ve got a horror story!)

I’m also open to other suggestions. That said, I am NOT interested in talking publicly about being black or female in tech. I am not interested in talking about diversity in tech at all.

I will continue to submit to CFPs and we’ll see where this goes.  Thanks!

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