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Here are links to a few things I’ve liked in the past few days

1) My friend Benjamin Haas of Control Group wrote a great blog post “What Women in Technology Means to Me“on his company blog. It warms the cockles of my heart for men to stand up as allies in this way. It reminds me of that talk where Harper Reed spoke about the importance of having women and non-Asian people of color in tech. I guess I am a pushover!

2) My friend recently dropped me a line to tell me about a Kickstarter she started as part of a group creating a new tech lab space St. Claude Lab in New Orleans’s 9th Ward.  In her words

New Orleans is interesting in that people here barely use cell phones, much less facebook or email, they still roll by each other’s houses. Besides tradition, a lot of the reason is that so many people here don’t have access (40% of the city doesn’t have high speed internet!) 

We’re hoping our lab will have open hours and workforce training for adults, mentorship for teenagers, and professional training for mid-career artists and designers. I’m working with Civic Center, a really amazing design studio, on curriculum and instructors (ps – we would love some visiting guest teachers next year!!)  

While I know many of us may have Kickstarter fatigue (I kinda do!), please do check out the video above and Kickstarter page and support if you can anyway!

3) Speaking of Kickstarter, another project I recently supported is the Motherboard Podcast, a new show that will cover the harrowing (and close to home!) topic of being a a mom in tech. Check it out, give money and love.

 4) And finally, just to be super-meta, I am linking to a post I wrote (but not here, on my company blog! )I recently about an exciting new service we offer at Boundless and how it attempts to make the lives of poor dear sys admins a little easier, check it out!

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