dsc09762I am an enthusiastic and engaging speaker. I am interested in public speaking on the topics of :

  • technical customer support & documentation
  • customer development
  • product development and customer/ user experience
  • technical leadership, and
  • the role of technology in social justice movements.

camilleacey-wtd2Upcoming Talks

Past Talks & Events

May 2018: “Making Them Pay: Tales from The Immutable Stack” – Paymentsfn 2018 (video) (blogpost)

May 2018: “Rewrite the Docs! Notes from the Radical IT Department” – Write The Docs Portland 2018 (video) (blogpost)

February 2017: “Making Developers on Support Work For Everyone –  The Lead Developer (video)(slides)

November 2016: “Where to Next?: Tips for Evaluating Growth Opportunities” – SupConf NYC (video) (slides)

June 2015 – Visting Subject Matter Expert – SynBio LEAP

June 2013: “That’s What She Said: A Few Reasons Why Women Don’t Contribute to Open Source and a Few Reasons Why They Should” (slides) – Write Speak Code 2013