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Over the past two decades, I’ve been a part of many companies, campaigns, and organizations that eventually came to an end either due to inertia, attrition, acquisition, or conscious decision. No matter how or why it comes apart, the process of ending a formation that you have given your time and energy to is difficult and emotional, and there is almost never any formal space to collectively share and process the feelings of guilt, grief, fear, and sometimes even relief that come up.

Recognizing that gap, I am now in the early stages of developing practices for how we might better facilitate the end of organizations.

Here are some resources I’ve come across along the way. I’ll continue to update this page as I learn more and I am doing very messy note blogging here.

Groups Designing Ends

  • Stewarding Loss is an organization focused on supporting and influencing “civil society at all levels to dedicate the time, energy, care and resource to endings that it does to beginnings, uninhibited by fear, stigma or prejudice and rooted in best practice.”
  • The Care-Full Closures Fund – a fund coordinated by Stewarding Loss to support 4 organizations in either closing or merging
  • The Farewell Fund – the predecessor to Stewarding Loss
  • – Joe MacLeod’s studio for designing ends to products and services
  • The Endings Project – University of Victoria backed project
  • The Graceful Degradation survey

Groups Focused on Grief and Death


Podcasts & Sounds

This is just a list of groups I work (or have worked) with:

If you think I could be of assistance to you and/or your team, or if you wanna chat about organizational death, drop me a line!

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