My SupConf NYC Experience – Part II

You can read Part I of my SupConf NYC experience here …………. So after months of preparation and practice, SupConf arrived!  The day before the conference, we had a speakers and organizers dinner at the venue so we could familiarize ourselves with the space and also get to know each other. Aside from getting toContinue reading “My SupConf NYC Experience – Part II”

How I Moved My Medium Over to

Richard Pryor in the brilliant film, Moving. I recently decided to part ways with Blogger and Medium. Blogger has been good to me for many years but it is clearly an un/under-maintained product that I would not be surprised to see shut down any day now. Similarly, while I like some of Medium’s tools, the closedContinue reading “How I Moved My Medium Over to”

My SupConf Experience – Part I

I joined the Support Driven community last year after searching around for groups and newsletters catering to people working in tech support. In the time since I initially signed up, the amazing newsletter and Slack group have come to be an invaluable part of my life and professional development. When I am confused or needContinue reading “My SupConf Experience – Part I”

An Ode to The Mall or Towards A Customer Experience for Humans

My name is Camille and I am the world’s most reluctant online shopper. I am a working wife and mom and time to shop can run short, so I Amazon when I must… and I must much of the time. However, whenever I find myself with more than a few minutes on my hands, IContinue reading “An Ode to The Mall or Towards A Customer Experience for Humans”

So We Quit Blue Apron (Again)

Image from here My journey with Blue Apron started like that of so many other people: with a free box of food from friends. We liked it immediately for many reasons: The recipes were creative and introduced us to techniques and dishes we’d never prepared before. The ingredients were very fresh and interesting. While we live in aContinue reading “So We Quit Blue Apron (Again)”

Eyes Wide Widened: My ‘Evolving View’ of Developers on Support

Having had a bit of a traumatic experience at a previous job, I came to my position as Customer Success Lead with a firm opposition to having any of the developers on the team respond directly to customer feedback. My concerns about devs on support (also known as All Hands Support) were manifold but boiledContinue reading “Eyes Wide Widened: My ‘Evolving View’ of Developers on Support”

More Will Be Revealed OR Thoughts On Engaging the Less-Engaging Customer

More Will Be Revealed OR Thoughts On Engaging the Less-Engaging Customer From this XKCD comic I recently received a very blunt and critical email from a customer. He was unhappy about a marketing email we sent out and critical of the company in general. Now, as Customer Success Lead, I work at the intersection of customerContinue reading “More Will Be Revealed OR Thoughts On Engaging the Less-Engaging Customer”

Everybody Has One: Dealing With User Feedback

(originally posted on my Blogger blog) “A mystic isn’t a special kind of person. Every person is a special kind of mystic.” — Brother David Stendl-Rast Look at you. You magnificent thing. You are not just the sum of ears and nose and skin and bones and teeth…. You are an inspired being…at least on your best days.Continue reading “Everybody Has One: Dealing With User Feedback”