My 3 Favorite Tools (Right Now) for Working With My Geographically-Distributed Team

I recently started a new job where I am working from home with a team spread across Europe and the US. Some of the team is working from home because they always do, others are working from home due to the pandemic, but yet others are actually working as per normal from our company’s headquarters.Continue reading “My 3 Favorite Tools (Right Now) for Working With My Geographically-Distributed Team”

Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police

Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police Because reform won’t happen. By Mariame Kaba (reprinted without permission from the NYT) Ms. Kaba is an organizer against criminalization.June 12, 2020 Congressional Democrats want to make it easier to identify and prosecute police misconduct; Joe Biden wants to give police departments $300 million. But efforts to solve police violence through liberalContinue reading “Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police”

May 2020 Lead Dev AMA

In case you missed it, here is everything I said in my Lead Dev AMA the other day I had a few questions that would be great to get your thoughts on. You mentioned that ‘Some hands support’ can work well at big and small organisations. Are there any specific use cases where you’ve seenContinue reading “May 2020 Lead Dev AMA”

Kollaps und Mutualism

Since the lockdown/”PAUSE” order was issued here in so-called New York nearly a month ago, a group of friends and I have come together to discuss the current collapse/failure of the state and what we radicals might make in and of it. For our first session, we discussed technologist Vinay Gupta‘s concept of resilience mapsContinue reading “Kollaps und Mutualism”

Gratitude – December 2019

I can’t believe the year is almost over. What a whirlwind it has been! Before it come to a close, here is some stuff that has given me life in the last month or so…. Interview on Pleasure Activism with adrienne maree and autumn brown I don’t even know where to start. adrienne maree brownContinue reading “Gratitude – December 2019”

A Few Things to Consider Before Becoming A Remote-Friendly Company

A few years ago when I was at Clubhouse I blogged about our process of becoming a geographically distributed team. In that case, the first stumblings towards global domination were not made to acquire talent but rather in an attempt to retain talent vital to our team (talent = people we really loved working withContinue reading “A Few Things to Consider Before Becoming A Remote-Friendly Company”